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e-Literate TV is a collaboration between MindWires Consulting and IN THE TELLING. Our goal is to create multiple entry points into a conversation about the issues related to the use of technology in support of education. With your help, we will craft segments that we hope will be appealing and informative to those faculty, presidents, provosts, and other higher education stakeholders who are trying to make decisions in an increasingly change-driven and disruptive environment.


MindWires Consulting is a craft-oriented educational technology consulting practice, founded by Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill, consisting of experts who have both broad educational and industry perspective and experience getting the work done.At MindWires Consulting, we like to solve new problems as organizations learn to effectively use technology to improve education. We want to be the people you call when you have no idea what to do and nobody else does either. We tend to be brought in to address strategic or mission-related questions, like whether and how a university should engage with MOOCs and other distance learning approaches, or how a textbook company can design better digital products for a post-textbook world. With these large, existential questions as the frame, we find specific projects where the client can work through their own answers to these questions on a practical level. Our work is tailored to the specific needs and strengths of each client, which means that no two engagements look exactly the same.We work directly with schools, education companies, policy makers, and can support group events with speaking or facilitated workshops. Please visit our website to learn more mindwires.com.

IN THE TELLING is a mobile first, Software-as-a-Service company helping educators deliver Flipped Instruction. Our TELLING STORY platform and Creative Services transform lectures into documentaries, and educators into producers. We partner with educational institutions to produce their faculties’ stories. We help schools develop media rich and highly engaging online, Flipped, or blended programs and MOOCs for today’s mobile media learners.Our innovation is Documentary Instruction – a alchemy of digital storytelling and curated in-depth content synchronized to the lecture timeline. We partner with educators to transform passive, talking head lectures into immersive, participatory experiences delivered on mobile media devices. Our TELLING STORY platform seamlessly integrates with all major Learning Management Systems. Please visit our website to learn more inthetelling.com.


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